Tuesday, 15 January 2008


The last few days it seems to have rained continuously....which only seems to add to the general feeling of malaise and ennui that besets me at this time of year.

Despite the rain, the Old Monkey and I decided to go for a walk hoping to sweep away the mental cobwebs that engulfed me.

My mackintosh is a big purple tarpaulin that fits me like a haystack, but the Old Monkey has a rather smart, bright yellow one with a belt. I don't think it suits him very well. It has a huge collar that makes his face look too small, and, as he was wearing an enormous yellow sou'wester as well. he seemed all mackintosh.

As we shuffled along an idea occurred to the Old Monkey.

"What you need to do, Sir, is a change of scenery - a different routine. Something to reinvigorate your senses and inspire your imagination." he said.

I mulled this other and when we got home I asked him what he had in mind - he showed me something on the interweb.

"Escape the rat race with a tour of the whole of your estates. We should do like these people. Take a double decker bus trip to view all the amazing sites to be seen in Homeward." said the excited monkey.

I must say it is a great idea and would be an amazing journey to embark on.

I shall get Cowgill working on a bus conversion immediately - he will be annoyed at having to delay work on the new moon rocket, but, I think that this expedition will rejuvenate us all.

I'm feeling quite fired up - the perfect antidote to January blues.