Monday, 12 September 2011

My Marathon Swim Completed !

I gathered my strength this morning for the final day of my epic 140-mile swim around the Moat of Homeward.

The Old Monkey has hailed me as "Homeward's sweetheart".

Hundreds ofThousands of cheering fans greeted me last night as I made it to the Drawbridge after a 21-mile stint - my longest day so far.

To date, my extraordinary efforts have raised more than £90 5s 6d for charity.

Despite the Badfort Crowd's best efforts to sabotage my endeavours, by letting loose rats in the moat, I have persevered against all odds. Why, I even managed to save a crookball person who fell from Lonely Tower into the moat !

I did get a bit of a dodgy tummy during the swim - so I put myself on a strict diet of only one bunch of banana's and one bucket of cocoa a day during my feat of endurance !