Friday, 12 February 2010

Badfort Winter Olympics 2010

Unbelievably, the Badgertown Olympic Winter Games are being hosted by Badfort!

There have been rumours that Beaver Hateman bribed some official at the Town Hall with a cask of Black Tom - but we have not been able to finf any evidence.

One just has to try and make the best of it, I suppose.

Of course, Beaver and his cronies just see this as another dubious revenue stream. The catering contract has been awarded to Sigismund Hateman. I was not amused to find that a bucket of cocoa cost £95 5s 6d. It was disgusting - consisting of large quantities of hot water and barely a teaspoon of cocoa.

The Old Monkey, a skilled skier, came first in the slalom. This was despite being pursued the whole way by Hitmouse throwing skewers.

The judge, Hootman, then declared Hitmouse the winner. Hootman claimed that the Old Monkey was disqualified for 'having a smug smile'. We went to remonstrate with him, but he just dematerialised in front of our eyes.

Beaver Hateman came first in the dwarfcurling competition, not surprisingly. He is an expert dwarf thrower and is no less skillful at skimming them across ice.

The Badfort have also been busy with another scheme - they call it the Beaver Hateman Tax and its aim is to tax all banks financial transactions. It is no coincidence that they have launched this just after it became known that I have invested in the Badgertown Bank.

They have a website - but it does not function. Some people have suggested that I ordered it to be hacked into in order to effect the voting facility - I cannot possibly comment on that vile accusation.

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