Sunday, 27 May 2012

Homeward's First Tower

As you will all be aware, my home, the vast domain of Homeward is a magical place.

It has hundreds of towers all joined together and it is surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge over it... The towers are of many colours, and there are bathing pools and gardens among them.

Switchback railways run from tower to tower, and water-chutes from top to bottom.

Even I do not know the full extent of the rooms, many of which are secret or hidden.

It has not always been like this, however. I have made many improvements since I bought it from Wizard Blenkinsop - but it was he who built the very first tower, in 1810.

On our expedition up the River Oooze, to discover its source, it has been the object I have been most looking forward to beholding.

For truly, it is the First Wonder of Homeward - Wizard Blenkinsop's Great Crystal Tower !

So legend was it's magnificence that Joseph Paxton copied the design of the lower floors for his 'Crystal Palace' that housed the Great Exhibtion held in Great Britain in 1851.

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