Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bank Shenanigans

It looked like being a bad week for the King of the Badgers.

He was roundly criticised for making his twelve year old daughter do an interview on Newsnight, with Jeremy Paxbadger, to explain his u-turn on fuel tax. She looked hesitant as she explained that she thought Daddy would probably pay for it by stopping her pocket money and was visibly upset contemplating this.

The King of the Badgers was branded a miserable coward for not facing Paxbo himself.

However, his swift action over the Badger Bank scandal has been welcomed by all and praised by many.

As with all financial scandals the technical details are complex and difficult to explain.

However, it would seem that one evening, after the bank had closed for the day, a loud scream attracted the attention of security guards. On investigating, they discovered the bank manager, Bob 'Rough' Diamond, with his paw stuck in one of the tills. Unbeknown to him, that till possessed a tight spring-clip leaving him completely unable to extricate his paw.

Bob 'Rough' Diamond insisted that he would resign. However, The King of the Badgers, knowing that this would nean that Bob would still be in line for multimillion pound share payout, declared that Bob would have to stay on at the bank for another 30 years as a tea boy on 2/6d a week before he could retire and cash in his shares.

Badgers can be fierce animals when riled.

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