Friday, 21 December 2012

Train Trouble

One on my favourite songs, at this time of year, is the rendition of 'Rockin' around the Christmas Tree' by Kim Wilde and Mel Smith.

It certainly gets one in the Christmas spirit!

Unfortunately, it has been known for people to somewhat over indulge in spirit of an alcoholic nature during the festive season and I am very much afraid that Miss Wilde has been led astray by the Badfort Crowd.

I thought it a rather excellent idea to hire the services of the young lady to entertain the dwarfs during their long journeys on my switchback railway to from from my mines.

A little Christmas divertissement, if you will.

Once again, the Badfort Crowd are doing their best to traduce Christmas.

Sadly, they plied the poor girl with copious amounts of Black Tom and it rather went to her head.

The poor dwarfs did not know where to look as she belted out some rather inebriated versions of her hits.

I suppose one has to accept a little raucous behaviour at Christmas but am somewhat saddened to see this nightingale, so long a paragon of virtue, slip from grace.

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  1. Oh, one can't help but forgive Kim her endearing "slip" :)