Monday, 10 June 2013

Homeward's Got Talent

This weekend was the final of that ever popular television show "Homeward's Got Talent".

Distraction, a group of shadow badger dancers from Badgertown, reduced all of the judges to tears with a Homeward themed performance that included a rendition of "Hail, Glorious Uncle" and excerpts from one of my sterling exultation's on the importance of good citizenship.

Somehow, they even managed to contort their bodies into a representation of the skyscrapers of my vast domain with myself depicted atop its ramparts !

Not surprisingly, they won the most public votes - despite some carping from the dwarfs, of my many towers, who moaned that we might as well rename the programme "Badgertown's Got Talent".

They were none to happy about the fact that the performance of the two singing dwarfs, who had also made it to the final, was marred by a rather nasty egg throwing incident.

It appears that Hitmouse had disguised himself as a dwarf, in order to infiltrate their backing singers.

So incensed was he by what he described as "all this sucking up to the fat tyrant" that right in the middle of the duos rendition of "Oh what a friend we have in Uncle" he ran forward and threw eggs at all of us judges. The King of the Badgers got yolk all down his ermine and I got an egg in my face!

Disgraceful behaviour!

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