Thursday, 30 June 2011

My blog on the planned pension strikes

Strikes are a sign of failure.

They are a sign of failure on both sides and today’s industrial action is a mistake.

Even with just hours to go I would urge both Doctor Lyre and the students of his Select School for Young Gentlemen to think again.

I will always support parents trying to get their children to school, the mother and father who know the value of a day’s education, and the value of being a good upstanding citizen who pays their rent on time.

On behalf of all the dwarfs of Homeward I urge Doctor Lyre and the students to get back around the common room table and sort this out.

I understand why students are so angry with Doctor Lyre. His teaching methods are unorthodox and his set textbook  'History of Lion Tower' is a load of inaccurate, boring rubbish.

But I urge them to think about whether causing disruption in the classroom will help people understand their arguments.

You do not win public backing for an argument about pensions by inconveniencing your parents.

This is not to excuse Doctor Lyre from taking his share of the blame for these pupil strikes.

He has badly mishandled the whole process.

Telling them that it was necessary to confiscate their pocket money, because they needed to start saving for their pensions right now, was reckless and provocative.

The public deserve better. All sides need to get round the table and back to negotiations.

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