Thursday, 12 April 2012

Supporting youth entrepreneurialism

While searching for the source of the River Oooze, my brother Rupert and I are also looking to support the thriving young entrepreneurial talent that lives and works along its banks.

Today we have a get together with more than 300 young Homewardians for an entrepreneurial discussion on how to succeed while also making your business a force for good.

We heard some fantastic ideas - but I was particularly impressed by one dynamic youngster who had created a marvelous product.

"Mister Uncle, Sir," he explained " because you are such an inspiring figure and so loved by everyone in Homeward I had an idea to make puppet figures of your good self - everyone wants one Sir!"

Not that is what I call real creative thinking - just the sort of thing I like to invest in ! Not, of course, because I take  any pride in my effigy being such a desirable item - but because of the hearfelt glow it gives me knowing that my exaltation of the importance of good citizenship has so aroused the populace !

I urged the director of the BBC documentary being made of our trip to make sure that he got plenty of footage of the event - it would be a great inspiration, I am sure, to the people of that blighted Isle of Britain. He just muttered something about "making a serious scripted reality documentary not a  tawdry piece of self-promotion !" - Confounded cheek !

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