Monday, 23 July 2012

Bracing ourselves for Olympics

After weeks of glorious summer sunshine, here at Homeward, the weather has taken a turn for the worse - just as the Olympics is about to start!

This, on top of all the fracas over the King of the Badgers appointing Hateman's Grunge Four (Beaver, Hitmouse. Hootman and Jellytussle) Security to police the games!

It comes as no surprise that the Badfort Crowd have been failing to turn up for work.

With Beaver only paying then a farthing a week they were bound to be more interested in working at the recently opened Treacle Quarry - 6d a day and all the treacle you can eat!

The King of the Badgers has had to bring in the Badgertown police and army to assist.

Here is a photo of them helping G4S in the arrest of a dissident caught eating contraband chips, wearing dubious trainers and looking suspiciously miserable.

There has also been some criticism over my use of twitter.

Gleamhound has twitted  "I hope Uncle doesn't really use Twitter, like all celebrities trying to lord it over us and prove how brilliant they are."

Let me make it clear - I only use twitter to provide important information on issues that affect the lives of Homeward citizens.

Here is a film I have twitted to make our citizens aware of the dangers of anthropomorphic machines.

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