Sunday, 30 September 2012

Another Bicycle Incident !

I have been far too busy with matters of state to pen any missives in the interwebnet !

However, I felt I must refute the libellous claims made by the Badfort News in regard to an incident that took place, last week, when I was visiting the King of the Badgers.

It is claimed that, as I was cycling out of the Palace Gate, a policeman attempted to make me ride through the pedestrian gates.

I am purported to have shouted "Best you learn your bloomin' place, you don't run this bloomin' government, you bloomin pleb!" and then knocked his cap off.

Utter nonsense!

I know the PC Brock very well. He is a keen gardener.

What I actually said was:

"Bet you yearn for blooming plants !"

Then, on seeing that he was directing me to the pedestrian gate, I shouted "I won't ruin this blooming Govermint" as I assumed he wished me to avoid the Govermint tree he had planted by the main entrance as decoration.

I stuck out my hand to indicate a left turn and accidently knocked his cap off, and therefore shouted "Oh your tumbling plibe!" 

Which everyone knows is the nickname that I use for the hats of the constabulary.

I have donated a large number of bedding plants to the police house garden and P.C. Brock has apologised to me. Apparently, he has a hearing problem and had forgotten to wear his hearing aid that day.

That is an end of the matter.


  1. transparant lie's from the PRINCE OF HUMBAG'S!

  2. Ha ha ha! Doesn't someone have an ear trumpet that P. C. Brock can use?

    I'm surprised that Uncle rides bicycles at all after, well, you know...