Monday, 19 November 2012

Democracy in action !

I had fears, after the bicycle incident in September, that my chances of being elected as Police Commissioner for Badgertown had been scuppered.

However, it would appear that the great Badgertown public instead interpreted the altercation as proof that I will be a watchdog with teeth!

Exactly - I have already reduced the tea and doughnut breaks, indulged in by many of the forces constables, from ten to two a day!

I must admit, I was somewhat surprised at the small turnout for the election and the number of spoilt ballot papers:

In fact, the ballot count was a short-lived affair.

"Right!" said the returning officer "That's ten spoilt papers, no votes for Noddy Ninety and one for Uncle !"

The Old-Monkey winked at me.

I may not have a mandate but I can always rely on having a monkeydate.

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