Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Complete Biography - Available Soon !

My many followers will be pleased to know that THE COMPLETE UNCLE is now listed for preorder on a number of book websites.

The Book Depository offer free shipping worldwide, and has 25% off, so might be the best place to buy if you're not in the UK.

I am so pleased that my followers outside Homewrad will now be able to purchase the complete biography - despite some inacuuracies about my life, it contains many pearls of wisdom on good citizenship. We are all very grateful to Marcus Gipps for making this possible - apparently the finished cover will be silver foil stamped onto blue cloth.

Buying directly from Marcus at:

means that more money goes to my biographer J.P.Martin's family and Quentin Blake, who illustrated the books. It irks me somewhat that as the subject of the books I recieve no royalties - but as the Old Monkey pointed out "You are already as rich as old Croesus, Sir!", which is a valid point, I suppose.

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