Thursday, 17 October 2013

New edition of Biography not Penguin Classic, I am afraid

Although I am very pleased that the biographies of my life are, shortly, to be reprinted in the United Kingdom, I have to say that they are not being released in the imprint I had been hoping for.

After intense discussions with Penguin Books they refused my request for it to be published as a Penguin Classic.

Apparently, being a celebrity with a world-wide fan base is not sufficient reason for my life to sit alongside the works of such luminaries as John Stuart Mill, Francis Bacon and Charles Darwin.

Errant nonsense! - did any of them do the great works for charity that I have done?

Did any of then contribute so much to teach young people the importance of civic duty?

Were any of then called upon to help bail out the collapse of banking and the capitalist system?

The simple answer is no. I think we all know the real reason. It is because I am a lowly elephant of humble origins rather than some floppy haired pop star !

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