Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Brand/Hateman Debate.

In a surprise move, Beaver Hateman has agreed to an interview with comedian and political campaigner Russell Brand, about the forthcoming Badgertown Town Council Election.

This is quite a volte-face for Mister Hateman, considering that he has previously referred to Mr Brand as "just a bloomin' champagne socialist"

At first they both seemed to get along fine, agreeing that this was not the time for “giddy euphoria”.

However, once Hateman had cracked open a few bottles of Black Tom, they were soon having a merry time and shouting about putting the world to rights.

Unfortunately,  after they had downed one too many of the noxious brew they, inevitably, ended up in a fight. Not, it should be noted, because the their political differences but due to a disagreement over who had the most luxurious hair and twitter followers.

"You not seen it, Mate!" shouted Beaver "Hashtag hatefandom, innit? They love me, all those teenage girls! Wot you got! You got nothin' mate!"

When Russell argued that he did, in fact, have millions of followers - Hateman smashed a bottle of Black Tom over his head.

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