Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How To Become Stinking RICH

The behaviour of the Chairman of the 'Badfort National Party' is disgraceful. Hootman, the ghost who is Beaver Hateman's right hand spectre and chief schemer of plots, has been exposed as a con-man.

It appears that, under the pseudonym of 'Grant Shapps', he tried to flog an online toolkit called "How To Become Stinking RICH" – which he claimed would earn purchasers £20,000 in 20 days.

 An image on his website featured Hootman grinning in his luxury cart alongside the boast:
“That’s me… sitting in my brand-spanking-new cart"

Hootman charged £200 for this 'toolkit' which turned out to be no more than a copy of my biography!

I must admit that, if readers follow the example of my own life, they too could rise from lowly and humble origins to great wealth. Like myself. But it is a book that I give away for free to all the inhabitants of Homeward!

He then suggests in the 'toolkit' that they also sell a book, for exorbitant sums, about how they have used my book to get wealthy!

It is nothing but a Ponzi scheme!

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