Thursday, 28 January 2010

My new ePad!

Cowgill has just given me a splendid new invention that he has developed.

He calls it a tablet device and has named it the ePad (e for elephant - after me).

It is most ingenious! I can use it to make telephone calls all around the world. It has a digital display with the usual rotary dial that we are all used to. One can enter a telephone number for outgoing calls merely by using one's trunk to turn the numbers 100 on the 'virtual' dial. This puts you through immediately to the Homeward Exchange, run by Miss Strangebody. She can then, almost instantly, connect any international trunk call.

But the device can do even more! By adding a televison aerial accessory one can even watch one's favourite programmes!

It also has word processing software - it has a permanent telephonic link with Lucy the Parrot who is ready at all times to transcribe my dictation!

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