Sunday, 17 January 2010

Prediction that came true!

Beaver Hateman and his gang have finally departed back to Badfort!

The thaw has come and I am no longer required to play host to my arch foe.

"Thanks for all the grub, Unc!" declared Beaver "Can't say as I enjoyed the company - having to listen to you boasting all the time!"

"Thank goodness that miserable wretch is gone!" I sighed as the Old Monkey brought my dinner in.

"I am afraid that he is not all that is gone, Sir - your best silver service appears to be missing!" he informed me.

I am not surprised - it is what one has come to expect from the ingrate.

The previous night Beaver and I had further discussed the many changes that have taken place during the last decade.

"Of course, when we were children we all thought that we would be flying around in jet cars - and that is one thing that we were right about!" I pondered.

"Oh yeah, you've got a nice shiny jet car - but none of the poor, beleaguered masses that pay your extortionate rents can afford one, can they?" taunted Beaver.

Talk about throwing my hospitality in my face!

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