Monday, 16 May 2011

Homevision Song Contest fails to bring down walls

I had hoped that The Homevision Song Contest would bring together the strife torn inhabitants of Badgertown.

As you know, following the referendum debacle, the various factions have split the town apart by building walls around their sectors.

So, instead of the usual single entry from Badgertown we had three songs - one from the central district (still called Badgertown and ruled over by the King of the Badgers), one from Progressville and one from Anarchadia (the enclave run by the Badfort Crowd).

All seemed to be going swimmingly, with the various groups applauding each other's songs.

Then Beaver and his cronies got everyone riled up with an awful punk dirge - a vicious attack on the King of the Badgers!

Boom bang-a-bang-bang 
Blow up the Palace
Boom bang-a-bang-bang
Down with hereditary monarchy
Boom bang-a-bang-bang
Throw off the yoke of Badger oppression!

This, of course, received a resounding null points from everyone - except the Badfort contingent.

The winner was a beautifully melodic song, submitted by a very beautiful Crookball lady representing Lonely Tower.

Congratulations and celebrations
It is so wonderful to have Uncle as our friend
La lalala lalala lalala...La lalala lalala la...

Who would believe that we could be so happy and contented?
With such a generous landlord and philanthropist!
La lalala lalala lalala...La lalala lalala la...

We were afraid that maybe he thought he was above us
But he cares for all his tenants, however lowly!
La lalala lalala lalala...La lalala lalala la... 

Congratulations and jubilations
We want the world to know we're happy as can be! 

La lalala lalala lalala...La lalala lalala la... 

What lovely sentiments - I blush at their kindness.

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