Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Revolution Will Be Televised...but not Twittered

It has come to my notice that Beaver Hateman intends to start the revolution tomorrow, outside Badgertown Town Hall, at 4.00 p.m.

Contrary to the claims on Beaver's blog I shall allow it to be broadcast on Homeward TV - on HBC 2.
Everyone will be watching the final of Homeward's Got Talent on HBC 1 anyway - who would want to watch a lot of political nonsense when the dancing dog is on the other side?

Of course, modern technology is totally out of control, I cannot allow Beaver to use Twitter to incite the populace to violence.

Luckily, Cowgill has found a way to hack into Beaver's account and has developed a sofware that replaces inflammatory words with more innocuous ones:

This is Beaver's original Twit:

and this is how it is seen by the citizens of Badgertown:

A nice cup of tea should calm things down a bit.

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  1. Will Beaver Hateman Liberation Society teeshirts be available for purchase?

    Uncle Forever!