Friday, 8 July 2011

Beaver and News International

This was the irrefutable proof I have been looking for.

This photo shows the kind of circles that Beaver Hateman moves in - and it is therefore no surprise that the News of Badfort has been forced to close.

Hitmouse claims that Mister Hateman was merely there as a waiter and that he had just given that red haired woman a glass of wine.

However, the following transcript of a mobile phone conversation proves that their relationship went deeper than this:

Woman: Oooh, Beaver I love the feel of your sackcloth on my skin - talk to me about the theory of class struggle, applied by Marx to the question of the state and the socialist revolution - you know how excited it gets me !

Beaver: Alright, Rebekah darling - you really got a thing about the working class horny-handed sons of toil, ain't you?

Woman: Public school boys are such wimps !

In retaliation, Beaver has attempted to implicate me in the whole affair - in a very obvious badly photoshopped picture.

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