Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cheapman Christmas Advert 2013

Cheapman has surpassed himself this year, with his Christmas television advert for his store.

A poignant animated tale of a dwarf battling to ensure a his best friend, a badger, doesn't miss out on the festivities by going into hibernation.

The dwarf sneaks into the badger's burrow and spikes his drink with Gleamhound's Sleepeazy potion.

This, of course, has the opposite effect and poor old badger just can't get off to sleep !

So, they all enjoy a wonderful Homeward Christmas around a big tree !

Some carpers and naysayers have criticised the ad - questioning if a dwarf and a badger could ever get on that well. I must admit that dwarfs and badger tend to argue a lot with each other over their respective talents at digging and tunnelling, each laying claim to be the world's best subterranean excavators. These arguments almost always degenerate into fisticuffs.

Nonsense, I say, for, if leopards are to change their spots then what better time than at Christmas !

Others have pointed out that badgers do not actually hibernate in the Winter. Difficult to argue with that.

However,  this is not the time of year for nit-picking. Well done, Mister Cheapman for showing the true essence of a Homeward Christmas !

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