Saturday, 29 March 2008

If this is Justice - Then I am a Banana!

The whole of Homeward has been shocked by the sentence handed down by Judge Jeffreys in The Badfort News libel case.

In court, Judge Jeffreys declared "I am afraid, that your actions, Mister Hateman, demand the severest penalties. I order that you return Uncle's stolen paintings, that The Badfort News print an apology on it's front page and that you must personally perform 100 hours of community the Black Tom Brewery."

At this, there were gasps in the gallery at the leniency of the sentence and shouts of "What no Jail time?"

Amidst angry cries for justice, Judge Jeffreys ordered the court to be cleared.

On the Court steps Uncle declared "If this is justice - then I am a banana!"

Someone in the crowd shouted "Well you eat enough of them!"

At this, Uncle stomped off.

The Badfort News have printed an apology on their front page.

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