Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Wizardry turmoil as services put out to tender

Poor old Wizard Blenknsop came to see me today - he is very cross and despondent about Mayor Cameroon's ambitions to roll back the boundaries of the overweening Badgertown Council.

Cameroon is determined that every single public service will be put out to tender.

For over forty years Wizard Blenkinsop has provided Badgertown with all its magical needs - potions, spells and sage advice (click on the image below to enlarge).

Wizardry services have now been put out to tender and a company called WIZCO bid a figure much lower than Blenkinsop's, whilst claiming that quality would not fall.

However, it transpires that Joey Beadle is the Managing Director of WIZCO.

He once falsely claimed to be a Member of the World Wizard Association and fleeced some gullible young wolves and badgers by setting up a School of Magic and enrolling them as students.

Suffice to say that he was a total imposter and the only magic he was capable of teaching was of the parlour game variety.

Wizard Blenkinsop had been impressed by his enthusiasm for the profession, however, so rather than expose and disgrace him had offered him the position of clerk and general helper.

It seems that his former assistant has now stabbed him in the back.

Already, many badgers are complaining that potions are so watered down that they have little effect. There is even a rumour that a spell to cure warts resulted in a badger being turned into a massive blancmange.

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