Sunday, 23 January 2011

10 O'Clock Live Show

As you know, on Thursday night I appeared on the British television programme 10 O'Clock Live.

I must say, despite my fears, the interview went very well. I actually managed to have quite an adult conversation about the burden of leadership under the present economic climate.

Unfortunately, the bicycle incident did come up - but Mister Mitchell was quite magnanimous about it, as he said "borrowing a bicycle and accidently squashing it - we've all done that haven't we?"

Much nicer than that awful Mister Paxman, I thought.

We even had a chat about our mutual humble beginnings and how important scholarships are for you to be able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

I was furious to discover, however, that they had also invited Beaver Hateman onto the programme.

There were a lot of jocular remarks about overweight tyrant pachyderms - and Mister Mitchell joined in the laughter!

They did manage to embarrass Beaver into making a declaration vis a vis the scandal surrounding his right hand man Hitmouse, and the allegations of phone tapping at The Badfort News

"I'm sacking, er... I mean he is resigning tomorrow. He is perfectly innocent but nothing must distract us from the overthrow of the tyrant Unc and the coming revolution!" he declared.

This was clearly the first that Hitmouse had heard of this, and in a fury he flung a skewer which stuck in Mister Mitchell's nose!

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