Monday, 17 January 2011

Rogue Undercover Police Badger

Rogue undercover Badgertown police officer as seen (on right) at Badfort Crowd demonstration.

Interesting article in The Homeward Gazette:

Astounding news has been revealed that, Constable Dibley, a member of the Badgertown Police has been involved in an audacious operation to live deep undercover amongst Badfort activists.

Dibley's personal journey also appears to have ended with a remarkable twist. In recent weeks, after Beaver Hateman discovered his hidden identity, Dibley is said to have "gone native". He has expressed remorse to betrayed friends and is seeking some way of securing redemption.

Hitmouse, Beaver's right hand man, has stated "Normally one would be wary of badgers wanting to join the Badfort Crowd. They are not known for their revolutionary fervour. But Dibley was funny, friendly – if a bit obsessed with digging tunnels.," he said. "He would go out of his way for people." He agreed that Dibley's copious barrels of Black Tom – and his money – quickly helped him to ingratiate himself with the community.

It seems that Dibley became a "rogue badger". For four months he played a key role in planning action, leading reconnaissance missions and giving advice on the best ways to attack Uncle.

It would appear that he even became romantically involved with Beaver Hateman's sister, Bertha Hateman.

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