Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Badfort Crowd released by Tarboosh rebels

It transpires that Beaver Hateman, himself, approved the botched plan to send a team of armed Badfort 'diplomats'into Tarboosh in, what he claimed, was an effort to build 'diplomatic' contacts with the rebels.

He now says they have withdrawn after "a serious misunderstanding about their role, leading to their temporary detention."

It seems great offence was caused to the people of Tarboosh when the Badfort Crowd gatecrashed a party. "They were not invited," declared a rebel leader "They climbed over a fence into the back garden and stole all our booze. We discovered them hiding under a rhododendron, completely intoxicated!"

"It has been a complete misunderstanding!" argued Beaver "We were merely trying to show solidarity with our revolutionary brothers, in the spirit of Marxist Internationalism! We rang the doorbell, but the music was so loud they could not hear us - so, we had to climb over the fence."

It must be noted, that Tarboosh is the only country in the world where Black Tom (the Badfort Crowd's favourite tipple) is naturally distilled in underground caves.

Beaver Hateman has not yet managed to explain how his aeroplane came to be filled with hundreds of barrels of this alcoholic beverage.

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