Sunday, 1 November 2009

He is not Heavy, he is My Brother

I feel I have to respond to this inflammatory missive, criticising my brother Rudolph, on Mister Hateman's blog.

His welfare is of my concern, no burden is he to bear. There is some truth that in his youthful, and misguided days, he was a big-game hunter.

However, he has distanced himself from his difficult past and I am proud to call him my brother - even though the stories of his adventures do get somewhat boring.

He now helps people with their everyday problems of surviving in the wilderness. I know, for a fact, that Ray Mears owes his career to Rudolphs kind mentoring.

He is looked up to, by many, for his conservation work and rehabilitation of wild animals.

Some of them, particularly tigers, are quite wild - often furious when caught by him.

But he soon turns them into exemplary citizens who become a credit to my domain of Homeward.

I can also say, for certain, that he has never shot a baboon.

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