Thursday, 5 November 2009

Uncle at the V&A: Gallery 1

The first gallery in my exhibition at the V&A "Uncle and the Splendour of Homeward" is entitled "Bountiful Uncle" and will show some of my many charitable works.

Most famous of these is, undoubtably, the Dwarfs Drinking Fountains.

The centrepiece of this gallery, filling an entire wall, will be the painting of the opening of the fountains as realised by, the great artist, Waldovenison Smeare.

I have also arranged for parts of the fountain to be displayed, allowing visitors to view the splendid sculptures that make this otherwise utilitarian object into a great work of art.

Sections of the fountains containing some of the finest examples of the art deco style:

Here is photo showing how the individual drinking fountains work - water gushes from my trunk enabling passing dwarfs to partake of refreshment.

The centre piece of the fountain is, of course, four magnificent sculptures, of myself - filling the pool at the base of the fountains.

This is the text accompanying this exhibit:

Uncle is, rightly, very proud of the 144 drinking fountains he generously erected for trhe dwarfs in Lion Tower when he first became rich. Since then he has been a great benefactor to the people of Homeward - but this gift, being his first, will always have a special place in his heart.

They are very fine. Made in marble, each one is carved with an elephant's head from which water gushes.

At one time the fountains, sadly, fell into disuse. The dwarfs stopped using them.

It was discovered that a Mister Goatsby, friend of the Badfort Crowd, had been poisoning the water with Wizard Snipehazer's vinegar.

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