Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Uncle at the V&A: Gallery 3

The third gallery in my exhibition at the V&A "Uncle and the Splendour of Homeward" is entitled "Transports of Delight" and showcases the various methods of transportation about my domain.

As you know, Homeward consists of hundreds of skyscrapers all joined together and surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge over it.

Switchback railways run from tower to tower, and an underground railway circles the perimeter.

On display will be many artifacts, such as tickets, timetables and posters.

They have all been selected by our resident railway expert and steam enthusiast, Noddy Ninety.

After school, during the school holidays, or when truanting from Doctor Lyre's Academy, he likes to drive the trains. He has chosen this picture of him and myself on a tour of my home.

The Gallery will also feature a model of my helicopter:

Pride of place, however, goes to my traction engine. I have lent it to the V&A to form the centrepiece of this gallery.

This is the description that accompanies it:

Cowgill, his engineer, always keeps Uncle’s traction engine, in first-class condition. It is garaged at his works, which are part of Uncle’s vast domain of Homeward. It is painted red; but the big fly-wheel is polished brass. In front of the engine is a small brass elephant as a mascot. This is kept very bright, but someone from Badfort often succeeds in throwing mud over it. This makes Uncle furious, for he can’t bear to see a spot on it. Uncle has a gilded armchair set among the coal, and there is a steam trumpet, which makes a noise like an elephant. It’s most thrilling to hear it.

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