Sunday, 11 April 2010

Badgers insulted by candidate!

The Badgertown Town Council Election is underway - and already one high profile candidate has had to withdraw.

The Old Monkey's cousin, Mex Monkey, had been standing for a seat in the Potosi district of Badgertown.

He was forced to stand down, however, when it was disciovered that he had made abusive rants about badgers on Twitter.

In one post the monkey complained "the truth is, badgers are smelly." then poked fun at burrow dwellers by branding them "flea infested brocks".

The last straw was when a video was discovered of him pretending to be a member of the Badgertown police force and intimidating a monkey voter into voting for him - when questioned as to why he had no badgers with him he became abusive and claimed not to need any stinking badgers.

The incumbent Mayor, Noddy Ninety, has been accused of allowing celebrity to go to his head. He has been accused of being aggressive and of being obsessed with running the trains on time. One badger complained "he would not let me on the train - he said it was already running late and blew his whistle before I could get on."

There have even been accusations that I am exerting undue influence on the outcome by having a favoured candidate.

They say that I have donated large sums to the campaign to elect Dave, the biscuit, Macaroon as Mayor. This is untrue - I am particularly fond of the almond biscuits made by his company and have merely placed a very large order for them.

The Bad Party have a candidate, Gordon 'Fudge' Brownie, who has stooped to threatening me in a very nasty poster campaign.

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