Monday, 26 April 2010

Big Society - Small Government

I follow the Badgertown Town Council Election with much interest.

I find all this talk of a 'Big Society' quite perplexing - it seems not so longer ago that some of the candidates denied even the existence of society!

Here at Homeward we already have a number of big societies! After all, it is a very big place - some parts of which, to this day, remain unexplored and unmapped.

We have Noddy Ninety's Steam Transport Society, the Best Kept Tower Society, the Dwarf Throwing Society, The Spells and General Wizardry Society, The Cocoa Drinker's Society, The Homeward Green Preservation Society and many others.

I, of course, am the Chairelephant of all these commitees. It is an onerous duty, but these responsibilities are the burden that one has to carry when one is the richest elephant in the world.

Homeward has a small government - after all, I own the whole place!

Frontline services are delivered under the auspices of these many great bodies. My many fabulous parties act as a kind of parliament, these are where I keep my trunk on the pulse of our societies. They also provide an opportunity for me to spread the ethos of our community - "be upstanding, pay your rent, and you will have a friend in Uncle"

They also provide an arena for all the latest gossip - mutuality flourishes over a good natter about the latest contestants on "Homeward's Got Talent"!

Here at Homeward, Butterskin Mute toils the land, the many dwarfs toil the gold mines, and Noddy Ninety toils relentlessly to keep the trains on time!

And I toil for all! - for, Homeward is the spiritual capital of the self-sufficient entrepreneur (that's me!)

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