Thursday, 15 April 2010

Flights grounded due to ash

I have been forced to ground all non-emergency flights over Homeward due to a giant plume of ash approaching our airspace.

This appears to have been caused by Hitmouse. The Badfort Crowd have been busy attempting to fulfil their Badgertown election promise of building a future funfair for all.

It would seem that Hitmouse was busy welding together some parts of the giant roller coaster on the edge of Badgertown.

Unfortunately, they had forgotten that they had buried a secret Black Tom dump on the very same site.

Sparks from the welding torch set fire to a vast pile of kegs directly above the vast vat beneath the surface.

Soon the whole place was radiant with a red glare and huge flames rose into the sky.

The dump is still burning with a strong purplish blaze - emitting noxious fumes and a fine ash.

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