Friday, 30 April 2010

Total Wipeout - The Leader's Debate 3

Last night was the final Mayoral candidate's debate for The Badgertown Council Election.

Once more, The King of the Badgers decided the format for the debate and, again, based the rules on one of his favourite TV programmes.

This week it was Total Wipeout!

The debate was based in a large pool of water and mud and candidates had to get across their points whilst crossing a large assault course.

Gordon 'Fudge' Brownie was doing quite well, avoiding Dave "the biscuit" Macaroon's and Nick 'Cream' Custrad's sucker punches, however he came unstuck at the Big Balls. These were four large inflatable balls that the candidates had to jump. Gordon was just explaining a difficult piece of fiscal policy when he lost concentration and slipped up.

However, Dave and Nick also came unstuck on the Sweeper. The candidates had to stand on 10-foot-tall podiums, over water, whilst a robotic arm span around in a circular motion attempting to knock them off. Candidates had to time their jumps perfectly to avoid this.

Unfortunately, Dave and Nick were having such a spate about how many dwarfs should be allowed to come to Badgertown that they both were sent flying!

With all the candidates knocked out it looked like it was election game over - but a new candidate has emerged from nowhere!

Alonzo S. Whitebeard has thrown his hat into the ring. He ran out of the audience and effortlessly made it through the "Wipeout Zone"

Alonzo is well known as a great miser.

Apparently, he had lost a penny through a hole in his pocket, it had rolled into the zone and he was determined to retrieve it.

In his efforts to get back his penny he pushed the politicians aside shouting "What do you know about fiscal policy! What we need to do is Make Do and Mend!"

This has now become the slogan of his campaign and has struck a chord with ordinary voter.

"Stop all this extravagant spending - Make Do and Mend!" declared the white whiskered skinflint last night.

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