Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Macaroon's gone mad!

I fear that I am going to have to withdraw my support for the campaign to elect Dave, the biscuit, Macaroon as Mayor of Badgertown.

He has just issued his manifesto and I think he must have lost his senses.

He is proposing that the inhabitants will be able to vote on local issues in a style similar to that of popular talent contests!

Apparently the issues will be put before them every Saturday night so that they can weigh up the pros and cons as they eat their pizza!

Already, badgers are parading around with posters proclaiming "I'm the Guv now!"

I cannot bare to imagine what might happen if this ludicrous idea spreads to Homeward.
The dwarfs are argumentative enough as it is!

I see only strife as they struggle for the remote control.

There would be the usual sob stories, as attempts are made to sway the vote - "I have a wooden leg - so please don't raise the taxes on wood." etc; etc;

Dave assures me that it is merely a sop and it will be big business as usual - but I do not think he has realised what he may have let loose!

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