Friday, 17 December 2010

The Gatecrasher, A Christmas Ghost Story - Part One

Another Christmas tale of Stiener Brashburg's Antique Shop 'Temptations'.

One Christmas, I was doing my usual search, at his shop, for unusual curios to give as presents.

Prominently displayed was a most splendid antique mirror - "How much for that wonderful artifact?, my good man" I inquired.

"Oh, I am afraid that is a moost unique item, Sir. I would have to ask £50 for it, really." replied Brashburg.

"Nonsense it is worth far more than that - I shall give you £100!" I replied, feeling full of beneficient Chrismas spirit.

"Oh thank you, Sir, that is most generous!"

As I have previously recounted, each purchase from Brashburg's comes with "a big novelty surprise". But for those who pay a fair price this surprise is generally good, so I had no qualms over my purchase.

On Christmas day I gave it to the Old Monkey and he was most pleased.

However, the trouble began when the Muncle suggested that, it being Christmas - a time when the spirits are supposed to walk abroad amongst their fellow men, we should hold a seance.

I knew that no good would come of you will see.

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