Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Gatecrasher, A Christmas Ghost Story - Part Two

As you will recall, I was recounting the tale of the mirror that I had bought from Stiener Brashburg's Antique Shop 'Temptations' as a Christmas present for the Old Monkey.

Rather foolishly, we had agreed to the Muncle's suggestion that we hold a Christmas seance.

Suddenly, a ghostly figure appeared in the mirror and floated into the room crying "feed me, feed me!"

It was none other than Hootman - Beaver Hateman's spectral schemer!

"Begone, you conspiring anarchist - you are the one responsible for plotting most of Beaver Hateman's schemes against me!" I cried.

But the Old Monkey pleaded the waif like spirit's cause "After all, it is Christmas, Sir, and he does look very hungry" he argued.

"Oh alright, as it is Christmas.." I began, but, suddenly, the rest of the Badfort Crowd appeared from the mirror!

"Cheers Unc!" declared Beaver "We have been waiting ages in that Netherworld for some rich old fool to buy this bloomin' mirror from Brashburg's shop!"

Being Christmas, I had no choice but to invite the Badfort Crowd to join our feast.

I had organised a mighty meal. My feasting table was so loaded with provisions that it had actually to be supported in places by casks of ham!

Even so, the Badfort Crowd were soon stuffing themselves and grabbing the tastiest morsels before my guests had a chance to sample them.

As the clock began to strike midnight, Beaver shouted "Cheers Unc!" and extended his hand to shake mine.

However, I spotted the spiky sprig of holly tucked away in his palm and looked at him coldly.

"So you won't shake hands?" began Hateman. "Right lads get out your duck bombs, it's Midnight. Christmas is over, truce is over! We are going to take Homeward and teach this despotic elephant a thing or two!"

The Badfort Crowd drew out their weapons and looked menacingly at my guests.

But, as the clock finished striking twelve, a mighty wind pulled Beaver and his cronies back into the mirror!

I admit a feeling of relief, each purchase from Brashburg's comes with "a big novelty surprise" and I had thought that, despite my exemplary behaviour, mine might have been about to be a nasty one.

We looked into the mirror at the Badfort Crowd shivering in the cold, dingy, infernal realm inside.

"Merry Christmas!" I cried to Beaver - and he scowled back at me. "I think that we shall leave them to reflect on their appalling behaviour for a few days before we ask Brashburg how to release them." I suggested to the Old Monkey "In the meantime, they can watch us enjoy the rest of the festivities!"

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  1. Very interesting. They were asking in Dornach where that mirror got to...