Thursday, 3 September 2009

Anti-monkey campaign gains support!

Following my diatribe against Mister Stephen Fry's monkist comments, it would seem that his followers have leapt to his support.

A number of them have been spotted wearing anti-monkey T-shirts.

It is no surprise to see Mister Jeremy Clarkson wearing one. In one addition of his show, Top Gear, he compared the merits of different executive saloon cars, and alluded to the kind of cars he thought monkeys drove. He did this by displaying a monk and a key on the bonnet of a car, attempting to sidestep, one presumes, charges of offensive language. The point, it seems, was to indicate that the Audi in question was built for businessmen, not "monkeys", and if the viewer wanted a more exciting drive, he or she would choose another car.

It is quite shocking, however, to discover how many so-called liberals harbour anti-monkey feelings.

I cannot help but feel that this must be an orchestrated campaign.

Therefore, I urge you to tweet your appreciation of the primate to #welovemonkeys

The Old Monkey is deeply upset by the whole affair.

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