Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mister Charles Higson revealed as monkist

It would appear that Mister Stephen Fry is not the only one who has revealed monkist tendencies.

It would seem that the author of certain childish escapist literature, a Mister Charles Murray Higson, harboured anti-monkey sentiments in his 'punk youth'

Under the nom de plume Switch, he was responsible for a vicious diatribe against monkeys entitled "I do not want to live with monkeys'.

Clearly designed to incite people against the monkey populace it reveals a dark side to this 'comedian' that he, no doubt, had hoped to draw a veil over.

I hope that he is thoroughly ashamed of his youthful indiscretion, however, I have assured the Old Monkey that Mister Higson's works will be banned from Homeward until he receives a personal apology for this affront to monkeys everywhere.

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