Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Monkees vs The Baddies

There has been a great deal of praise for the new computer game release 'The Baddies - RockBand'.

It appalls me that the blatant musical propaganda of the Badfort Crowd is still being inflicted on the impressionable youth of today.

The seemingly bouncy and upbeat 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Sickle' was in reality a promulgation of violent insurrection, 'Lenin in the Sky With Diamonds' nothing but a paean to a radical insurrectionist and as for 'Back in the USSR' - the title says it all.

Of course the age old debate regarding sixties music is - who was better 'The Baddies' or 'The Monkees'?

'The Monkees'
were a fabulous group formed by The Old Monkey and some of his relatives from the jungle.

I, of course, always much preferred The Monkees finding their work far more creative - not too say more tuneful.

Critics of 'The Monkees' observe that they were simply the "prefab bad", a made-for-TV knockoff of 'The Baddies' - ignoring the fact that their songs were always far more uplifting, promoting good citizenship and healthy living.

Also 'The Monkees' had their own car and better knitted hats.

It is fair to say, however, that there have always been two camps - and I think it is now clear, following his recent comments in 'The Radio Times', which camp Mister Stephen Fry is in. He is clearly anti-monkey.

I think it is also obvious, now, who has been orchestrating this campaign.

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