Friday, 25 September 2009

Sarah and Michelle bake me a cake!

In Pittsburgh for the G20 summit. Gordon and Barack are very keen that I, having led the way on the crack down on banks' risky behaviour, should advise them all on market regulation.

As you know, here at Homeward I have decreed that all bank managers must go back to wearing bowler hats and living in modest semi-detached houses. It has certainly done the trick, that and the fact that all bank staff have to say sorry on behalf of their banks every time they serve a customer.

Gordon was absolutely furious, however, when I ducked out of the working dinner (An appalling idea, how can one enjoy one's repast whilst discussing global economic issues?) so that I could go to Michelle Obama’s dinner held at the beautiful organic farm owned by Theresa Heinz Kerry.

It is a lovely farm - Butterskin Mute would be quite jealous of some of the produce being grown. As I said to Sarah and Michelle, he would be astonished at the size of their melons.

Sarah and Michelle had even baked a carrot cake for me!

It was covered in organic chocolate and inscribed in white icing "To Uncle, Saviour of Global Capitalism!"

I was greatly touched, for an elephant from lowly beginnings to be feted by such two beautiful ladies was indeed an honour.

After dinner we travel back to our hotels and I can finally catch up with Gordon after our respective busy days. He was still sore at me for avoiding the working dinner, but I cheered him up with the promise of an injection of a few extra billion to the World Bank.

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