Saturday, 19 September 2009

Trick sticks viewers to their seats!

Joey Beadle, who once falsely claimed to be a Member of the World Wizard Association, has performed a dastardly trick on unsuspecting viewers of Badfort TV.

In his latest televisual stunt he left his audience stuck to their seats.

"I can't feel my legs," said one goat watching the programme, in what he assumed was the security of his own home.

A dwarf said: "It's just very bizarre. I'm trying hard to get up but I can't."

One Beaver said: "I feel like the bottom of my back is wielded to my sofa."

Beadle, whilst assuring the TV audience that the trick had no side effects, had secretly done a deal with Badfort TV and members of the Badfort Crowd made their way around the houses of the incapacitated occupants looting them.

They would have got away with this if it were not for the fact that I had got wind of their plans and arranged for a subliminal jamming message, prepared by Wizard Blenkinsop, to be transmitted directly after Beadle's broadcast.

This influenced the Badfort Crowd to involuntarily place their hands behind their heads and remain frozen.

They were all rounded up by the Badgertown police.

Unfortunately, Beadle used his twisted genius to hypnotise the police into believing that they had mistakenly arrested the King of the Badgers and his retinue. The Badfort Crowd were released with profuse apologies from the Chief of Police who has today, of course, submitted his resignation.

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