Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Beaver Claims the Moon!

Captain's Log - Day 24

We tracked the object that was orbiting the moon using the Homeward Moonbase Radar.

Cowgill pinpointed the exact place and point of time that it would hit the surface.

We decided to have a picnic and discover what this object really was.

As we watched it through binoculars I soon realised that my worst fears were well founded. It was the Badfort Rocket.

It skimmed the the rugged lunar landscape, passing over towering peaks and deep craters.

Luckily, at this point, it's speed had slowed to such an extent that it's impact with the lunar surface was fairly gentle and thick layers of moon dust billowed up cushioning it from serious damage.

It did, however, come to rest on the very edge of a lunar crater. As it teetered on the brink Beaver's voice came over the radios in our helmets.

"Oi, is that you Unc? - look, we have all had to run up to the tail end so we don't slip in the crater - do us a favour, we need a heavy weight at that end. Could you sit on it?"

The bare-faced cheek of the fellow!

I sat on the tail fin whilst Beaver and his followers all staggered out of the rear hatch. They all looked pretty much done in. Clearly their days adrift had left them short of food and drink.

Beaver got out the Badfort Popular Front flag and stuck it into the moon's surface shouting "I claim this planet for the People's Republic of Badfort!" and promptly fainted.

I cannot believe that he had the effrontery to attempt to wrest control of the moon from me in such an underhand manner.

I promptly let go of the tail fin and let the rocket slide into the crater.

If he wants the moon so much lets see how he enjoys being stuck here!

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