Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Meteorite !

Captain's Log - Day 10

We are attempting to rescue the Old Monkey. Due to Diggory Stigneev’s sabotage my old friend is spinning off into the void of space.

Luckily, Professor Hismouth has come up with co-ordinates of his trajectory that will enable us to intersect with the Old Monkey and pick him up.

It means that there is no way now that we can get to the moon before Beaver or in time for the 40th Anniversary of our last visit. But all of this is as nothing compared to the joy of being reunited with my most faithful companion.

I was busy searching the blackness of space when Cowgill rushed into the cockpit “Look Sir, alongside us…it’s the Old Monkey! Riding on a meteorite!”

I was overjoyed…but perplexed…Professor Hismouth had said there were no meteorites in this area…clearly the dwarf had been telling the truth?

Then, Cloutman brought news. “I’m afraid the dwarf is drunk, he found a stash of Black Tom hidden in the storage hold."

Black Tom? Where could that have come from?

As I puzzled over this, Goodman and A.B.Fox appeared. “Bad news, I am afraid Sir, we had the wrong man. I had my suspicions, the clues were just all too obvious – they all pointed to the dwarf. But I never bought the idea that the Professor was suffering from space sickness. He was obviously under the influence. I told Goodman to watch him and sure enough he saw him guzzling from a bottle of Black Tom.”

"Where is he now!" I demanded.

“I am afraid he seems to used the escape pod to leave us, Sir” said Cowgill pointing out of the rear viewing window.

There was no time to ponder over our mistakes – of immediate importance was the rescue of the Old Monkey.

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