Friday, 18 July 2008

Hitching a lift

Captain's Log - Day 12

Cowgill has had a brilliant idea that means we may still be able to beat Beaver to the Moon.

He has calculated the trajectory of the meteorite that is running alongside us. It is bound for the moon!

At the moment we are travelling at the same speed but the meteorite will soon outstrip us as gravitational forces pull it in.

Cowgill has calculated that by switching the anti-gravitational forces of the cyclotronic particles so that they absorb the pull of the meteorite we can hitch a high speed ride on the back of it!

We had a mighty feast in the Mess to celebrate - Ham, Cakes, and Koolvat. More good news came from home - the second volume of my biography has been published. You can purchase a copy here - I think you will find it an edifying read.

After dinner I looked back at the earth, like a blue jewel in the midst of a vast emptiness marked by luminous celestial bodies, and felt an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. I even felt sorry for Beaver knowing how cross he would feel being beaten by me, again. Only for a moment, mind you.

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