Thursday, 31 July 2008

Flying Saucers

Captain's Log - Day 25

After picking up Beaver Hateman and his crew we made our way home.

They spent the whole time whingeing about the rotten time they had spent stranded in space and eating all our cucumber sandwiches.

I felt I had to point out to Beaver that he had attempted to leave the Old Monkey adrift in space. and that if they had not drunk all their fuel they would never have got into that predicament.

As usual he attempted to blame it all on me - arguing that if I did not insist on having autocratic control of the moon, along with all my other capitalist assets, then he would not have had to try to wrest it back for the people.

Hogwash! I say!

The argument was gently simmering when Cowgill pointed up into the star studded moon sky. "Look! a flying saucer!" he cried.

He was right. Above us was a spinning disc - making its way towards the Homeward Moonbase.

"All haste, Cowgill - I suspect that trouble is afoot!" I commanded.

As we approached home a dwarf suddenly popped up from a crater.

"Oh Sir, thank goodness you are back - we have been invaded by giant pepperpot aliens!" he sobbed.

We finally managed to get him to calm down and tell us his story. "They are unstoppable and have taken over the moonbase, Sir. They plan to use it as their headquarters for the invasion of earth! Any resistance is quashed by a burst of their pepper guns. I have been sneezing for hours, Sir, and only managed to escape by sneaking into some ducting and down into the tunnels." he explained.

Beaver piped up "Don't worry Unc, them pepperpots will rue the day they took us on!"

He had a plan - and I must admit it was rather a good one.

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  1. So my Daleks are resurgent!

    Do not think you can trick them by shining lights into their rangerscopes while your minions sneek in round the black to penetrate their control room and switch off their power supply by throwing the switch that says "Dalek main power supply - do not touch else our power will drain away and we will be helpless".

    They are wise to that old trick you know.

    Resistance is, of course, quite useless.

    All the best

    Your old pal and fellow dictator