Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mining the Moon

Captain's Log - Day 2

As promised I shall now tell you a little about our history on the moon. The moon was claimed for Homeward, by the planting of a flag, forty years ago.

Mineral samples from the moon contained abundant quantities of helium 3, so we left a group of dwarfs there to set up a camp and carry out mining operations.

Helium 3 is deposited on the lunar surface by solar winds and is extracted from moon soil and rocks.

The moon contains 10 times more energy in the form of Helium 3 than all the fossil fuels on the earth, and just 25 tonnes of helium, which is transported back to us every two years, is enough to provide electricity for Homeward for one full year.

As you know, dwarfs are excellent at mining and subterranean extraction. The majority of our moonbase is underground but we do have have a number of solar farms above ground to power it.

The only problem is the fact that dwarfs can be quite lazy and unreliable. The tricky blighters are always trying to sneak into my oil tanks back home and help themselves to free fuel. Luckily, the man who guards it, Don Guzman, usually manages to catch them.

They are also partial to a drink or two, last New Year's Eve there was a bit of a fracas when some of them got hold of some Black Tom.

I know that we have a saboteur in our midst - so I am keeping a a careful eye on Diggory Stigneev, the dwarf in our crew.

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