Monday, 28 July 2008

Lunar Excursion

Captain's Log - Day 22

Today we decided to go for a day out on the moon's surface.

The dwarfs prefer staying underground and go everywhere on the Lunar Metro.

Clever old Cowgill, however, has managed to repair the moon cars, that the astronauts who visited, left here.

I must say that, considering they are over thirty years old, they are quite nippy.

We decided to have a slap up tea at Malley's Tea Room (Lunar Branch)

It was great fun - it even has a zero gravity room where one can have fun pouring the tea out and then floating around to catch it in ones mouth - or trunk.

I must say the moon is a splendid place for a cream tea.

As we were leaving the Old Monkey spotted a shooting star - and said we should all make a wish.

However, Cowgill declared "I don't think that is any natural phenomena - I suspect that it is a rocket that has been drawn into lunar orbit!"

Oh dear - I sincerely hope that it is not Beaver Hateman and his crew.

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