Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Moon Farm

Captain's Log - Day 3

I must congratulate Cowgill, the good ship 'Uncle' is performing perfectly. The ship rotates every hour in order to equalise the temperature. If it did not the side facing the sun would become overheated and the shadowed side unbearably cold.

One of the great experiences that I am really looking forward to on the moon is a slap up meal.

The dwarfs have their own bubble encased farm on the moon. One of the extraordinary advantages of farming on the moon is that the additional solar energy and lack of gravity means that plants grow to unusual heights. The farmer, Butterskin Mute, helped set up the farm and has always said that it produces the best vegetables he has ever tasted.

Even under the cramped conditions of our journey, I like to maintain a sense of decorum and the attributes of a civilised society.

I therefore, insist that everyone dresses for dinner at the Captain's table in the officers' mess.

I think my suspicions that the dwarf, Diggory Stigneev, could be the saboteur are well founded. Tonight, at dinner, there was a heated argument when he espoused his opinions about the rights of the miners on the moon - which I felt compelled to disagree with.

I just hope that Beaver is not aware that we have already departed for the moon, his Black Tom powered rocket would be more than a match for the good ship 'Uncle' in speed.

If they were to follow us, soon, he might well beat us to the moon.

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