Friday, 11 July 2008

Moon Junk

Captain's Log - Day 5

A year after we first landed on the moon, the dwarfs had some unexpected visitors.

Some astronauts turned up from America. The dwarfs felt it best to hide from them.By that time they had excavated quite far under the surface and the Helium 3 mining was going rather well, the last thing they wanted was claim jumpers musselling in on the act.

Homeward law gives the right to mine to the first one to discover the mineral deposit and begin mining it but, quite rightly, the dwarfs were concerned that the moon could become like some Wild West boom town.

Over the next few years the place was like Homeward Junction - these astronauts kept on turning up, making a right old mess and joy-riding in their moon buggies.

They left behind allsorts of junk - the aforementioned buggies, flags, spacesuits, boots, photographs and various technological paraphernalia.

They even left behind a defecation collection device!

Honestly it is a disgrace! - you would not treat your own home like that, would you?

The poor old dwarfs had to give the place a good sweep to get rid of all the footprints and tracks that they had left and clear up all their rubbish.

We have not thrown the stuff away, however, just in case they decide to come back for it.

But I have now introduced penalties for littering so they will have to behave better in future or face an instant fine.

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  1. Here, Here! To be honest, I had my doubts that they'd ever been up there but now I've heard it from Uncle, I'm quite content!